Glastonbury Reclamations Top 5 Gifts for Christmas 2012


Pine Pew Reclaimed Rustic

5. Rustic Pews- Made from Reclaimed Pine and Elm. These rustic pews are made from reclaimed floorboards by a local carpenter. Once they are brought into us at Glastonbury Reclamation, we sand and woodworm treat them, wax them and add our handmade hinges to the box-seat. They are then ready for the showroom! These benches make great additions to hallways, kitchens  or children's bedrooms.








Vintage Pommel Horse

 4. Vintage Gym Equipment - We currently have a good selection of mid-    century gym equipment including pommel horses, gym boxes, gym climbing   frames, climbing ropes, benches and javelins. These would make a great addition to games rooms for your future Olympian to practice with.... maybe not   the javelins! Interior designers are also up-cycling these as benches and other furniture. 





3. Reclaimed Mounted Coat Hooks - Hand made on site using reclaimed elm, pine or oak floorboards. The boards are treated for woodworm, sanded and then either waxed or painted to help create the authentic look. Our cast iron coat hooks are then added to the board to complete the product. These look perfect in any hallway and have been very popular at Glastonbury Reclamation. We also sell the coat hooks individually if you're only after a few for the backs of doors etc.

Reclaimed Coat Hooks


Reclaimed Hanging Slates

2. Slate Products by Re-Inslated – Hanging signs, cheese boards, coasters and more all made using reclaimed Slate roofing and flooring tiles. Local artist, Laura Gallagher, makes all of these items by hand and each item is unique.  Glastonbury Reclamations newest range has arrived just in time for Christmas and is already starting to gain attention.  A selection of hanging signs, hanging Christmas decorations, cheese boards and coasters are currently available, with more to come. Signs can be made to order.

Hanging Slate Products    

1. Sleds - We are all hoping for a white Christmas, and if it does snow what better way to take advantage of it than on one of our original Scandinavian sleds. These are ready to go, and you could be going from showroom to sledding in minutes. We have several designs and sizes available to choose from to enhance your sledding experience. We have also seen these sleds re-purposed as coffee tables, ( ) so if you are looking for a unique table or feature for your living room, look no further.

Scandinavian Sleds


Christmas Tree and Decoration

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Glastonbury Reclamation


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