Stone Items

Displayed in our garden and decking area at the yard, Glastonbury Reclamation has an interesting and varied collection of stone items for the garden sourced locally and further afield. We have a selection of staddle stones, troughs, planters, water features, statues, busts and some Indian grain pots.

Victorian Glazed Clay Urns Pots Ancient Indian Grain Pots
Three Brown Glazed Urns Large Ancient Indian Grain Pots

Artstone and Statues

We have recently increased the amount of statues, statuettes and busts we have in the garden area by introducing a range from a local artist. These statues are available in a variety of finishes and are completed to a very high standard.

Artstone, statues, statuettes, Bust
A selection of the Artsone busts and statues  A bust in a copper style finish

Blue Lias

We have numerous blue lias items including several staddle stones and a troughs. We also keep in stock sandstone staddle stones and statues both original and reproduction for use in your garden.

Clay and terracotta pots can also be found throughout the yard for sale at very good prices.     

Staddlestone Table Limestone Trough Antique
Staddle Stone Table Antique Limestone Trough









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