Glastonbury Reclamation keep 1000's of reclaimed bricks of several varieties including hand-made, wire-cut and machine-made bricks perfect for restoring period properties.

Old rustic reclaimed bricks look great in or outside of house when building a new feature. They are also a necessity when matching in with an old feature or property, so we always ensure we keep a large variety and amount of bricks in stock to try and ensure the best match for you.

We currently have a great selection of victorian handmade bricks. We also sell new bricks that have an aged look. And for something very different come and take a look at our Bridgwater bath bricks which were used by soldiers in WW1.

Reclaimed Victorian Bricks 20 hole Victorian Bricks
The Brick Section Reclaimed 20 hole bricks
Reclaimed Handmade Bricks Reclaimed solid red bricks
Reclaimed handmade bricks Reclaimed Solid Red Bricks


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