Building Stone

Glastonbury Reclamation has a wide and varied stock of reclaimed stone for the use in building and construction. Large stocks always available

Natural reclaimed stone is representative of the location of your property as the colour changes depending on where is was quarried. Our local stone is blue lias so we always do our best to ensure we have large quantities of very high quality blue lias building stone, to ensure the best quality for your project.

Included in this is all the varieties of stone we receive which can be used in building projects, which include Mendip stone, bath stone, cotswold stone and pennant. We regularly stock stone steps, cappings, pillars, kerb and decorative items in all of these types of stone.

Alongside our building stone we also keep several varieties of garden stone for use as garden features.

Reclaimed Blue Lias Steps Assorted Building Materials
Blue Lias Steps Assorted Building Materials (guarded by Stanley)





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