Reclaimed Roof Tiles, Slates, Ridge, Chimney Pots etc.

Another area that Glastonbury Reclamation considers its 'bread & butter' stock. We always keep (and are on the look-out for ) large quantities of clay roofing materials including pantiles, double romans, triple romans and chimney pots. We also deal in roofing slates and cast iron guttering and rainwater goods.

Somerset was, for many years, a major player in the manufacture of clay roofing tiles. Tiles made in Bridgwater were shipped all over the country and beyond. 

We aim to keep large batches of many different types of tile in stock at all times.

Some of our most popular tiles and the price we sell them at are listed below.

Pantiles £1.50 inc vat

Double Romans £2.00 inc vat

Triple Romans £3.25 inc vat

Machine made plain piles £0.50 inc vat

Hand made plain tiles £0.65 inc vat 

Welsh slate from £1 to £3 inc vat

We also keep ridge tiles, somerset 13's, triple deltas, glass tiles, concrete tiles and many more in stock.

Amongst the tiles we also keep chimneys and decorative ridge, phone 01458 831122 for more details or come on down to view them all.    

Pantiles Roofing Tiles Machine-made Clay Plain Tiles
Clay Pantiles Machine-Made Clay Plain Tiles
Reclaimed Clay Double Romans and Pantiles Reclaimed Stone Ridge Tiles
Double Romans and Pantiles Stone Ridge Tiles


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